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Animal Den Grooming Rates

The Local Bark Guest Rules

Grooming Rates

Full service appointments

(includes bath, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression at no extra cost)


includes nail trim & ear cleaning

$25 – $60

Bath & Neat

15 minutes of hair trimming around face, feet, and sanitary, bath, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning

$55 – $85

Full Groom

full body haircut, bath, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands.

$65 – $105

*Dematting and deshedding charges not included. Extra fees may apply for advanced grooming techniques.

Call for a quote! (916) 456-4720


(upgraded or additional services for full service appointments)

Teeth Brushing


De-shedding or De-matting Service


Flea and Tick bath


à la carte

(available as stand-alone appointment)

Nail Trim


Teeth Brushing


Ear Cleaning


Anal Gland Expression




Paw Trim


Discounted  à la carte

Spa package (pick 2)


Deluxe Spa package (pick 4)


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