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Canine Enrichment

If only your dog could go to daycare and actually learn something besides how to have fun. Wait! He can! Enroll him in our Canine Enrichment. While your dog visits The Local Bark for daycare or boarding, he can also work one-on-one with a trainer on a variety of activities you choose from our Canine Enrichment menu. Owner instruction available for an additional fee.

$55/45 minute session

  • Day train
    • One of our professional trainers works on the essentials--sit, stay, down, come and loose-leash walking--using treats and toys to motivate your dog. Plans can be personalized based on your goals. Ask to speak to a trainer today to discuss your dog's training plan.
  • Sniffer fun
    • What is every dog's favorite activity? Sniffing, of course! Tap into your dog's innate ability to discriminate scents in this fun, mentally stimulating activity! This is a great way to enhance your dog's stay with us! Enroll today!
  • Agility pup
    • A Local Bark trainer guides your dog through a series of obstacles--hoops, jumps, tunnels and more as a way to challenge their brain and boost their confidence. This activity is especially great for puppies, as it exposes them to a variety of surfaces and mental challenges as they make their way through development. What better way to build a confident dog?
  • Tricks for Treats
    • Add new tricks to your dogs repertoire as a fun, mentally stimulating and confidence boosting activity! Choose from classics such as bow, speak, and play dead, or something useful like fetching an object (leash for example!) or "wipe your paws".
  • Packages
    • 10 Canine Enrichment sessions for $500 - Feel free to mix and match!
    • Includes two private 1/2 hour consultations at The Local Bark to show you what we're working on.
    • Expires 3 months from purchase date

Training Excursion

$65/45 minute session

For dogs having completed a minimum of 3 Day Train sessions, this socialization outing emphasizes good behavior and manners in a public setting. We will help your dog work to become the kind of dog you can be proud to take in public, or just use this excursion as a fun addition to your dog's stay with us! This is a great way to keep your already trained dog tuned up! We can also work on weaning off training collars in this personalized program.

10 Training Excursions for $600; Expires 3 months from purchase date

Owner training not included. Schedule a Private Lesson to learn how to continue working with your dog at home.

Because spaces are limited, please reserve a Canine Enrichment spot with one of our Customer Service Representatives in advance.

I sent my wayward dog to the Local Bark for remote/recall training. He had been bolting from our house and I was afraid he would get hurt. He was there for over a week and I am happy to say, it was an amazing experience.
– Anca G., Shingle Springs, CA

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