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Group Class Policies and Health Requirements

Class Policies

Group Class Policies


The Local Bark uses reward-based clicker training in most classes. This cutting edge training technique enables you to train your dog efficiently and with lasting results.

The Local Bark emphasizes using food to motivate your dog.  If you are not fond of giving treats, our classes may not be a good fit for you.

The policies listed on the following pages are designed to create a fun, safe and effective work environment for you and your dog. Please read through all of our policies so you will be prepared to start learning right away. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Class Registration Policies


To register, please submit an online class registration form.  Once we confirm space in the class, we will contact you to arrange payment.


Payment is due before we can reserve your place in a class. We cannot register you in any class without payment (no exceptions). We accept personal checks, cash, Visa and Mastercard.

Cancellation and Refunds:

In order to get a refund, you must cancel your registration 6 business days before the start of class. We may honor requests for refunds less than 6 business days before the start of class if the handler or dog enrolled in class can no longer attend due to illness or injury (documentation may be required). All requests for refunds or credits will be reviewed by The Local Bark management and may take up to 30 days. We cannot issue a refund for reasons beyond dog or human illness or injury.  In some circumstances we can allow a transfer to a different class for an administrative fee of $25;  transfer requests are reviewed by management on a case by case basis.

Vaccination Requirements:

The Local Bark requires that all dogs enrolled in a class be up to date on their vaccinations:

Puppies must have had two sets of distemper/parvo. We must have a copy of your dog’s vaccination record on file. DOGS CANNOT START CLASS WITHOUT PROOF OF VACCINATIONS.

Why do we require a fecal test?  We feel strongly that dogs have a yearly fecal test for two reasons: 1. If your dog is carrying a bacteria or parasite, it is often very contagious.  2. It is common that dogs will have positive fecal results that the owner would otherwise be unaware of.  We want your dog to be healthy and feel great!  Should your dog have positive results, you may come to all classes but Puppy and Me Playtime, as long as your dog is being treated, and you keep a safe distance from other dogs in class.

You may submit vaccination records by mail, fax or e-mail:

Mailing Address: 3201 Fitzgerald Road Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Fax Number: 916-638-3882

E-mail Address: info@localbark.com

Class Operating Policies

Classes meet at the scheduled time per week for 6 weeks (unless otherwise noted).

Dates listed on the schedule are start dates. You will meet on the same day and time each week.

Please note some classes change location during the session.  Visit our Class Calendar for detailed locations.

You will need a regular collar and 6 foot leash.  Retractable leashes are not allowed.  Leash should not have any attachments (keys, poop bags etc.).  Harnesses, head halters, belt collars and martingales are welcome.  Choke chains and pinch collars are allowed by instructor approval only (not allowed in agility classes). 

You will need a lot of tiny, soft chewy treats for your dog. Do not bring dry dog food or dry biscuits. They will not motivate him / her in class. We recommend hot dogs, chicken, freeze dried liver, string cheese etc.

Unsafe or harsh handling of dogs is not permitted.

Except for classes specifically designed to address more serious problem behaviors, such as in Leash Reactive Rehab, dogs exhibiting aggressive or disruptive behavior such as barking, lunging, staring down or otherwise intimidating other dogs will not be permitted in class. If your dog is not ready for a group class, we reserve the right to dismiss him/her from class. Pro-rated refunds may be available in this situation.

Please arrive on time for your class.  We will begin promptly at start time.

Dogs must be supervised by an owner/handler at all times.

Dogs must remain on leash unless authorized by an instructor.

Handlers must clean up after their dogs and dispose of waste properly.

All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Female dogs in heat are NOT allowed to participate in class, nor are they allowed on the premises at any time.

Making up a missed class

Handlers are welcome to make up two missed classes in other class sessions, however availability of make up sessions in a timely manner is not guaranteed. If you know you will miss more than one class in a session we recommend registering for a different class.

If you are unable to make up a class, please see your instructor to get information on what you will miss.

Additional Agility Policies

Agility is a very active exciting sport and classes often involve being in close proximity to other dogs. For this reason it is essential that your dog have a solid foundation of obedience skills and the ability to pay attention to you in the presence of other running, playing, excited dogs. Dogs do not need to be friendly to other dogs, but ALL dogs must be UNDER CONTROL of the handler at all times.

Choke chains or pinch collars are not permitted in agility classes.

Dogs are expected to have basic obedience skills such as attention to owner around distractions, sit, down and stay.

Dogs should NOT be interacting with each other. PLEASE ASK before you permit your dog to approach / sniff another dog. NOT all dogs in class will be friendly.

You must be able to keep your dog quiet. Dogs are not permitted to bark continuously either in class or while crated.

Dogs are not permitted to be on the equipment before or after your class starts or ends unless given express permission by the instructor. Violation of this rule may result in dismissal from class.

Your dog must be physically sound. Exceedingly overweight dogs will not be permitted to advance beyond Introduction to Agility.

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