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Shasta Goes to Doggy Bootcamp: The Reunion

As her time in Doggy Bootcamp comes to a close, we reunite Shasta with Dave, and see the changes and strides she's made.
Awwww…like you’d expect, it was a heart-warming reunion for Shasta and her owner, Good Day Sacramento’s photographer Dave Grashoff. It’s been over a month since Dave dropped… https://www.localbark.com/bark-all-about-it/shasta-goes-doggy-bootcamp-reunion/

Doggy Daycare: 4 things to think about when choosing a daycare for your dog

Making an educated decision about the doggy daycare you choose for your dog – or if daycare is even a good option for your dog – doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here are some tips on choosing the best daycare for you and your pooch!
For a lot of us, selecting a daycare for our dog is more nerve-wracking than selecting a preschool for our kids. Certainly more mysterious. At least we can relate to the preschool… https://www.localbark.com/bark-all-about-it/doggy-daycare-4-things-think-about-when-choosing-daycare-your-dog/

Shasta goes to Doggy Bootcamp: Confidence building with fun and games.

As Shasta goes through our bootcamp, we get to have a little more fun with some confidence building games.
It’s Shasta’s 4th week in Behavior Bootcamp and we are at our favorite time in the rehab process – confidence building with fun and games. When the time comes for Shasta to return… https://www.localbark.com/bark-all-about-it/shasta-goes-doggy-bootcamp-confidence-building-fun-and-games/

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