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The Hero (but don't call her that) Behind the Scenes at Old Dogs, New Tricks

During this season of thanksgiving, we give thanks to those who have devoted their lives to dog rescue. At Old Dogs, New Tricks, the story is particularly compelling.
I want to introduce you to an amazing, strong, inspiring woman. These words don’t do her justice. Read on. You’ll see just how special she is. Her name is Susan Call. An… https://www.localbark.com/bark-all-about-it/2014/11/hero-dont-call-her-behind-scenes-old-dogs-new-trick/

Old Dogs New Tricks Fundraiser

Do you have more time than money?  Click here to donate your time. https://www.localbark.com/speak/old-dogs-new-tricks-fundraiser/

We're Jazz(ed)! This Year We're Fostering Five Dogs!

After the great success adopting and training Jazz last year - who went from abandoned in a shelter to being a therapy dog - we decided to adopt five new dogs this year! We'll train them and find them great new loving homes where they can make a huge diff…
It’s been a personal goal of mine to help ease the fear many people have of selecting a dog from a shelter. In my quest to do this, I have frequently enlisted the help of the… https://www.localbark.com/bark-all-about-it/local-bark-fosters-five-dogs/

Puppy & Me Playtime

Vaccination Requirements:  1st two rounds of DHPP, negative fecal test including Giardia screening.  Bordatella recommended, but not required. Join us to commiserate, er, um,… https://www.localbark.com/dog-training/puppy-me-playtime/

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