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Fur Friendly Review: Pet-a-Palooza

Pet-a-Palooza is an annual community event that celebrates the bond between you and your favorite furry (& non-furry!) friends. Join The Local Bark at the 2014 Pet-a-Palooza in Rusch Park for an afternoon of fun, food, music and lots & lots of dogs!
  The Local Bark visits Pet-A-Palooza When: Saturday, April 26th Where: Rusch Park inCitrus Heights Time: 10am-4pm Pet-a-Palooza is an annual event… https://www.localbark.com/bark-all-about-it/fur-friendly-review-pet-palooza/

Guide to Fostering Adult Dogs

Fostering a rescue dog is a win-win-win: the shelter gets assistance, the dog receives extra special care, and the foster has an opportunity to enjoy a dog in their life without the long term responsibility. Learn about the ins and outs of fostering and …
Your Guide to Fostering Adult Dogs Due to the over population of homeless animals, there is simply not enough space in shelters to house all of them. Some dogs, due to injury,… https://www.localbark.com/dog-training/article-library/guide-fostering-adult-dogs/

Fur Friendly Review: Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express is the local one stop shop for all things pet!
    The Local Bark visits Pet Food Express For March's Fur Friendly Review, and in honor of the luckiest month of the year, The Local Bark to a trip to Pet… https://www.localbark.com/bark-all-about-it/fur-friendly-review-pet-food-express/

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