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Bark All About It!

Bark All About It!

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Nov 13, 2013

Jazz23_1.jpgWasssssup to all my fans, Blog and Facebook followers out there! Can I tell you—this past week at The Local Bark has been just crazzzy! Oh my goodness. Let me fill you in on all the fantabulousness…

Hanging out with all the dogs there—amazing! You wouldn’t believe how much fun it is get up every day and know I get to play with all my new-found friends. I can tell they love hanging out with me too. Not bragging, but I’m pretty easy to get along with and in fact, the other day I had the opportunity to help out a nervous little new dog. By the end of my ‘playdate’ with him, I’d enticed him into playing like a REAL dog. OK it might have been a bit awkward but I could tell everyone thought it was really cute :)

Part of my time at The Local Bark is spent in my own personal Bootcamp. Uh-huh, they are intent on teaching me good manners. So now I know sit and down, and I’m really working hard on stay which is so challenging because you know how much I LOVE to play! I’ll get it though. I walk pretty well on a leash and while I don’t have the longest attention span yet, I’m able to focus lots better now that all is calming down a bit. The whole idea of impulse control and not immediately popping up after a command is a hard one for me. But I WORSHIP food. I am super food motivated, so I’ll basically do whatever’s asked of me in order to get that special treat. Something wrong with that?!

I may have also mentioned that I’m a little tiny bit plump at the moment. I can tell they’re pretty serious about making sure that changes, and fast. I am proud to say that I’m now up to about 2.1 mph on the treadmill now! That’s good, huh! The other day I hit a huge milestone…a whopping 37 minutes and over a mile. Yea, was pretty tired after that :)

I’m really happy here. But I know there’s another chapter in my life just waiting to be written. A chapter that includes a family that I can love just as much as I know they’ll adore me. I’m going to keep working hard, and keep my paws crossed. Every day, I am…

Thankful for second chances,


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