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Bark All About It!

Bark All About It!

Best. Week. Ever. (well, so far)

Nov 04, 2013

Jazz Sacramento dog trainingBest. Week. Ever. (well, so far)

You think you had a lot going on this last week?! Well let me tell you my friend, I had one of the most amazing weeks you could ever imagine and it just keeps getting better. I am tickled pink to share.

I was sad to leave all those nice people and my new buddies at the shelter, but little did I know what remarkable adventure was next! I just spent the past few days with the Minnie family and talk about a whole new world out there. There were dogs and cats and kids and HORSES! Ahhhhhh! Let me entertain you with a little stroll around the Minnie compound and a glimpse into my world...

Dogs. I love my fellow canines. All of them, in every shape and size. This week I got to hang out and play with a sweet, spazzy little Chihuahua, a dignified German Shepherd, a happy-go-lucky dog just like me only yellow, and a fuzzy, high-energy mutt. Yep, I had fun with all of them on their terms. Awesomeness.

Cats. They are interesting creatures. I met three of them. I was pretty curious about them but I certainly was not interested in doing much more than trying to figure them out. I couldn’t. I’ll leave it at that.

Kids. Awww, that’s my sweet spot. I love, love, love kids and once again, they came in different shapes and sizes there. I know the one thing I need to work on is that I tend to crowd people’s personal space to seek attention but I can’t help it…I LOVE TO PLAY!  Gotta modify that though and I know that’s on the list for those trainers at The Local Bark.

Horses. I’ll admit, first encounter, I thought those big animals were not cool. Not in my book. But after a few days I realized there was nothing to be afraid of. I’ll just keep my distance. S’up big guys?!

I guess I really shine in a few other areas. For one, I am super happy in a crate. Yea, I’ve been in one before and I’m definitely comfortable there.

I’m also really good off-leash. I know, surprising huh when I was in a whole new environment and had the run on the land! But I come right away when someone calls me. Seriously, I am a people pleaser. Need to learn what “Stay” means I guess, but plenty of time for that in these next few weeks when I get to go…


Off to The Local Bark! It was a blast hanging out with the Minnie’s but time for a new adventure in training, playing, exercising (yikes!). My health report came back with flying colors for everything but that tiny little issue I need to resolve regarding those extra few love handles. I understand treadmill training, an introduction to the clicker and beginning obedience training are next on the Jazzy agenda. I can’t WAIT to be a part of the pack of dogs.

I remain… 

Thankful for Second Chances,



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