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Bark All About It!

Bark All About It!

My name is Snow

Dec 08, 2014

Snow.JPGDear Santa,
Here we are at our favorite time of year! I know we don’t know each other well, but trust me when I say I’ve been good. Really good. In fact, I’ve been an absolute angel since The Local Bark rescued me at Sacramento County Animal Shelter. The shelter staff was, of course, in love with me and they were happy to see me go into a loving foster home. My foster mom, who has immersed me in a rather rigorous home-schooling program, has extremely high standards and, not to brag, but I have met and exceeded expectations. I get A’s across the board for smartness, quick learning, and retaining information (teacher-talk for “I rock”). Even my foster brother and sister dogs love me. I’m nothing if not gracious, and when they are not in the mood to play, I accept that. But I do love a good party! Let’s see…more about me…oh, there is the undeniable fact that I am adorable, which makes me a favorite among adults and children alike. I bask in the attention I get from everyone I meet, but if we’re being honest, Santa, sometimes I over indulge. I do love to snuggle. My foster mom says it would be easy for me to become too comfortable in my person’s arms, which, as you know, can lead to some unattractive bossiness. Sassy is one thing, but bossy? Nope. Not gonna go there.

It is with high hopes, Santa, that with all my good behavior you could grant me just one Christmas wish: a forever family. Men, women, children, dogs – I love ‘em all! I really would love to prove to my show-offy foster brother dogs I too can jump through hoops and run up ramps, so it would be great if my new family would have time to let me do that. I know you can find me the family who will help me continue to blossom into the beautiful and well-behaved girl I’m destined to be.

I look forward to your arrival, and I promise to leave you and your team a snack (I admit I have a small crush on the red-nosed leader of your group…he’s just adorable!).


Category: Dog Rescue

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