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Bark All About It!

Bark All About It!

My name is Elsa

Dec 08, 2014

Elsa_3.jpgHi Santa!
Oh my gosh I’m so excited to talk to you! My name is Elsa and I’m almost 9 months old. I have so many things to tell you…where to start?! OK, I have been having the BEST time since The Local Bark rescued me at Sacramento County Animal Shelter. The people at the shelter were awesome, and they were so happy to see me move into a home with my foster mom and foster sister dog and foster brother cat. My foster mom takes me to work at The Local Bark sometimes where I get to play with lots of new friends. Even though I’m the new girl they’ve been totally nice to me. I have so many BFFs I can’t even count! It’s soooo GREAT! But mostly, I LOVE EVERY PERSON I MEET! I’m totally not kidding! My foster mom said I’m an awesome ambassador for pit bulls (whatever that means). I sometimes get a little nervous in new situations, but then I’m like oh my gosh, this is no big deal. And not to brag or anything but I love school and I’m really smart. I’ve learned a lot of stuff about manners and my foster mom says I’m always willing to work. Did I say that meeting new people is my absolute most favorite thing ever? Oh yeah, I already said that.

Anyways, I’m writing to you to ask for a Christmas present. Just one. I know you’re like super busy right now, so I’ll make it quick. Please, Santa, could I have a forever family? I don’t need a big one, although that would be fine, but even just a forever person would be great. I just need someone who’s a little more on the active side and who will take me for walks and let me play with some of the friends I’ve made. Oh, and I’d love to try agility! I’m kinda sporty, but once I’ve gotten some exercise I’m ready to snuggle up for some lovin’. My foster mom says I’d be easy to spoil because I’m so loveable, so she said it’s important that I have some rules, too (I know, I know…total mom). Anyway, that’s pretty much it. (My foster sister dog Kali is asking for like a zillion things for Christmas, but I just want that one thing.)

Thanks, Santa! Me and my foster brother cat are gonna hang out, so I gotta go. Talk to you soon!

Wags and Kisses,

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