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Bark All About It!

Bark All About It!

My name is Crystal

Dec 08, 2014

Crystal_2.JPGDearest Santa,
I know you have been eagerly awaiting correspondence from me, but I have been extremely busy in my new life since The Local Bark rescued me at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. The shelter folks were simply lovely while I was there, and they were over the moon to see me take position as queen of my new foster home (a self-appointed position, but still). You of all people can relate to how demanding it is being the center of attention. And you know I’m absolutely fearless about facing new experiences and adventures head-on. I overheard my foster mother describe me as active, engaging, loveable and – can you imagine – athletic! Oh my…I don’t know how I do it. Well, truthfully, I have had to take some direction from my foster brother dogs. They, along with my foster mother, remind me on a regular basis that I am actually NOT the queen of the kingdom. Nor the boss of everyone. I am not above constructive criticism and as you know, Santa, I am a girl who believes wholeheartedly in embracing change. And at the risk of sounding boastful, I have mastered some basic commands and rather enjoy learning in exchange for delicious morsels. Did I mention that I have many new adoring fans? You know how much I enjoy meeting new people, Santa, particularly men. Even children! Like I said, things have been going splendidly and I am looking forward to the holidays (I look fantastic in a Christmas sweater if I do say so myself).

I DO have one little favor to ask. I know the demands on your time during this festive season are grueling, and I appreciate your attention to my request. Do you think you could find a way to gift me with a forever home? Any family would be lucky to have me, but particularly one whose members are willing to gently and consistently remind me with clear boundaries and structure that I do not run the kingdom. I would be happy to have a brother or sister dog, however sometimes I’m rather bossy, so it would have to be a good match. I do enjoy a good cat chase – you KNOW I do not wish harm…it’s just so fun - so if a feline will be annoyed by that, perhaps my new family should be cat-free. One final thing, although I look perfect in a designer purse, it really would not be ideal for me to be relegated to the position of purse dog. I would be best suited in a family who will treat me like, dare I say, a dog. A precious, adorable, loving dog, but a dog nonetheless.

So, my dearest Santa, I eagerly await the season and your visit. Champagne and caviar on me! And please extend my warmest greetings to those unfortunate-looking beasts with whom you travel. I’m sure they are useful in your work.

With sincerest regards,

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