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Adoption Questionnaire

Here at The Local Bark, we're committed to not only caring for the dogs entrusted to us when their owners are in need of training, day care or overnight care, but also to helping needy animals find homes with loving families. We recently announced our expansion of our holiday fostering goal, and are happy to introduce you to these wonderful dogs who would love to be part of your home. Click on their photos for more details and to read their letters to Santa, and fill out the application to bring home the new member of your family!


A little about me since we’ve never met: I’m about a year old, and I’m a German shepherd. Word on the street is that I’m kinda goofy. But in a good way. My foster mom said I’m like a teenager who is growing into his body. My foster brother dogs have been teaching me how to play chase without bumping into them so much. I’m what they call a “medium energy” dog, so while I need walking and regular exercise.



My foster mom, who has immersed me in a rather rigorous home-schooling program, has extremely high standards and, not to brag, but I have met and exceeded expectations. I get A’s across the board for smartness, quick learning, and retaining information (teacher-talk for “I rock”). Even my foster brother and sister dogs love me. I’m nothing if not gracious, and when they are not in the mood to play, I accept that. But I do love a good party!



I LOVE EVERY PERSON I MEET! I’m totally not kidding! My foster mom said I’m an awesome ambassador for pit bulls (whatever that means). I sometimes get a little nervous in new situations, but then I’m like oh my gosh, this is no big deal. And not to brag or anything but I love school and I’m really smart. I’ve learned a lot of stuff about manners and my foster mom says I’m always willing to work.



I’m absolutely fearless about facing new experiences and adventures head-on. I overheard my foster mother describe me as active, engaging, loveable and – can you imagine – athletic! Oh my…I don’t know how I do it. Well, truthfully, I have had to take some direction from my foster brother dogs. They, along with my foster mother, remind me on a regular basis that I am actually NOT the queen of the kingdom. Nor the boss of everyone. I am not above constructive criticism; I am a girl who believes wholeheartedly in embracing change. And at the risk of sounding boastful, I have mastered some basic commands and rather enjoy learning in exchange for delicious morsels. Did I mention that I have many new adoring fans?

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